Green Wall

Originally developed in the 1950's as a way to shoot (broadcast) seed a long distance, hydroseeding has developed into an effective method to establish vegetation to: controlling surface erosion, mitigate fugitive dust, landfill closures, sports fields, golf courses and residential lawns.  Let TerraStar provide the winning solution for your project using technologically superior materials; mulch, tackifier, geo-synthetics, plant nutrients, polymers and improved seeds.

Proven Science, Proven Products!

Terrastar High-Spec

Standard hydroseeding specifications, including those used by the Ministry of Transportation and Highways fail to address; poor soil conditions, adverse growing environments and the ability to efficiently apply large quantities of material with modern hydroseeding equipment. TerraStar High-Spec surpasses basic application rates is the first step in producing consistent results when hydroseeding.

Terrastar Ecoplex

On steep slopes (>1to1) and in areas of highly erodible soils which may be subject to heavy rains, Ecoplex works as a temporary erosion control measure. While preventing direct rain drop impact and reducing runoff velocity, Ecoplex provides an ideal environment for the grasses to germinate and establish. The results are long term ground cover and surface stability.

Terrastar Complex

Where soils have been depleted of organics due to construction or other adverse activities TerraStar Complex eliminates the need to bring in expensive organics. Further, Complex stimulates the natural soil to provide natural long term growth. Complex works with the existing substrate resulting in a very high success rate on steep slopes that require root structure beyond the applied root zone material such as blown on soil.